Project information

Country: Spain
Location:  Sant Genís de Palafolls (Barcelona)
Year: 2017
Flow rate:  100 m3/h
Equipment: Cesta de Desbaste Manual EasyTech®Nw15

Netwater Technology, through this new installation, has been able to meet the needs of our customer, who has been very satisfied with the entire installation. The complete design of the equipment had to be made to specific measures. Because our customer had a pumping well, which reached a Ø400mm pipe, where a 4-sided floodgate had been installed, through this pipeline the untreated water from the town of Sant Genís arrived. The water directly entered the well with a high content of coarse solids, this meant that the pumps installed in the bottom of the well, were very often obturated when sucking large solids or wipes, causing many failures. In those moments when not being able to pump the water had to be derived the untreated water by a by-pass, with consequent penalties that this entailed.

Then NETWATER TECHNOLOGY went to the installation to see the problem in person, we proposed the installation of a filter basket with guides. The difficulty of this installation was that a metal channel had to be made to convey the water to the filter basket, but that channel could not be installed on the inner walls of the well. Finally, the metal channel was welded to the frame of the 4-sided gate that they had installed.

Now the water circulates through the metal channel, in which the filter basket is installed at the end of it, the basket retains a large quantity of coarse-fine solids. Preventing these to fall to the bottom of the well, where the pumps are installed and in this way we reduce a large number of failures and the maintenance costs of the installation.

The main objective of this installation was to achieve:

– Filter the maximum possible solids.

-Reduce the number of failures in the pumps.