Project information

Country: Spain
City:  ALFOZ (Lugo)
Year: 2017
Flow: 2520m3/h
Equipment: SolidTech®Nw30 / Control Panel.

Netwater Technology, has carried out the complete installation of equipment for automatic filtering coarse solids comprising:

  • One Coarse screen SolidTech®Nw30, to treat a Q=2520m3/h, work inclination to 75º, step light of 25mm, main construction material in AISI-304.
  • An Electric control box to command the equipment, with an electric Torque limiter EMOTRON M20 included, to protect the equipment of possible blockage.

The main goal of such installation was to achieve:

              -Automate the process of the thick solids filter, from the channel of the water entrance to supply the turbine of the Hydroelectric power station.

-To increase the solid retention in a 80%.

Netwater Technology, through such installation key, achieved to meet the needs of our costumer, which it has been satisfied with the whole installation. Some of the components of the installation had been performed by measure such as (The sealing gasket because of the irregularities of the civil work).

The control box had been made by measure because of the work special feature, because it could not be possible to install a conventional system by a Level buoy, because of the existence of an accumulator tank before the screen channel, which in a winter season it is always full to its maximum level dimension, and that leaded that the sheet of water in the channel would be the maximum amount of 2500mm and if it worked by the level bouy, level bouy  would give signal the 24 hours of  the day and the equipment would be working 24h in continue during 3 or 4 months. Without a real need and producing premature wear of the equipment.

Then Netwater offered the possibility to our costumer of including the following components on the control box, which will allow to configure the machine operation by weeks:

  1. Digital weekly programmer: On this device it proceed to configure the hours of working by week of the equipment.
  2. Asynchronous cyclic timer: On this device it proceed to configure the stop and running timing of the screen.

During the installation of these 2 components, we guarantee some minimum working cycles for each X minutes and we preserve the integrity, without providing a premature wear