Project information

Country: Spain
Location: Santa María de Palautordera (Barcelona)
Year: 2017
Flow rate: 1.4 m3/h
Equipment: CompaqTech®Nw90

We supplied a Conveyor Compactor CompaqTech®Nw90.160, to treat a Q = 1.4m3 / h with a working inclination of 21 °, main building material in AISI-304, with a new compaction system that achieved a higher solids dryness. In the existing installation the support points for the auger were on iron beams that support the grids, in the first instance the client wanted to weld the supports to the existing beams. Netwater in its eagerness to improve and its great flexibility in the design, proceeded to the design of special supports which were bolted to the existing iron beams. On these supports the equipment was fixed, everything fitted perfectly and the installation has remained in optimal conditions for its correct functioning. A very important fact was the problem of transportation of the waste that was discharged by the coarse grille, directly onto the container, which contained a large amount of water and was very difficult to handle by maintenance personnel. By means of the installation of this compactor auger it has been achieved a greater dryness and compaction of the solids. This way the operators can extract the bag with waste easily and without risks to their health. As an added security measure we have integrated inductive safety sensors into all the casings of the equipment, if the operator opens any of the covers, the equipment will stop automatically without risk of possible entrapment.

The main objective of this installation was to achieve:

-Automatize the coarse filtering process of the PUMP STATION.

-Increase the dryness in the coarse solids, for a better transportation.