Netwater Technology offers a unique solution to automate the “NAVATA PUMP STATION” in GIRONA

Netwater Technology has offered a unique solution to automate the “EBAR NAVATA”, by means of the installation of a coarse screen installed in the metallic channel, just before the pumps.

SolidTech®Nw30, Coarse Screen in the “NAVATA PUMP STATION”(Girona)

At the “NAVATA PUMP STATION” our customer had previously worked with a manual filtering system, specifically through a basket installed in the inlet pipe to the pumping well.

Previously mentioned manual basket had to be extracted at least one or two days a week, in order to make sure it was extracting solids and a manual cleaning was needed.

During the process of cleaning the basket, the water entered unfiltered in the waterhole with a high solids content, such as wipes, rags, etc …

Due to this problem the 2 pumps produced a huge number of failures, which was a very serious problem for our client.