Project information

Country: Spain
Location: NAVATA (Girona)
Year: 2016
Flow rate: 30m3 / h
Equipment: SolidTech®Nw30

We have supplied an equipment for the filtering of coarse solids, our SolidTech®Nw30 designed for a flow of 30m3 / h with distance between bars of 20mm in AISI-316.

This solution was unlike any conventional pretreatment work, which was a challenge for our technical team, being an existing installation intended for the installation of pumps but there was no channel for the installation and conduction of the raw water to be treated because the installation was designed for the installation of the pumps only.

The problem was we have to come with an idea of where and how to install our screen.

Then, Netwater offered a solution, which seemed excellent to our client, we proceeded to the design and manufacture of a metallic channel located and anchored to the existing wall where the raw water would flow and get into the screen.

The raw water is circulating through the coarse screen equipment that guarantees a great retention of solids and increases the service life of the pumps, which supposes a reduction of the maintenance costs to our client.