Netwater Technology carries out a full design of the pre-treatment unit for the “FONDARELLA WWTP” in LLEIDA

Netwater Technology carries out a full design of the pre-treatment unit for the                                    ” FONDARELLA WWTP” in LLEIDA, by supplying:

– 2 Coarse Screens SolidTech®Nw30.

– 1 Solid Compactor Conveyor CompaqTech®Nw90.215.

– 1 Manual screen EasyTech®Nw15.

– 2 maintenance walkways.

At the FONDARELLA WWTP our customer had a pre-treatment unit which contained a filtration system based in the use of 2 vertical manual screen with a 100mm slot opening so all the cleaning process was manual.

The 100mm passing light of the manual grids allowed the entry of large solids and rags to the 4 following pumps, those solids caused a large number of failures in the pumps and fine screens after the pumps because the filtration coarse solids was very poor.

Netwater Technology, has completed the complete installation of a 100% automatic pre-treatment process consisting of:

  • 2 Coarse Screens SolidTech®Nw30 thick (with 15mm passage light, flow rate to be treated 1600m3 / h).
  • 1 Solid Compactor Conveyor CompaqTech®Nw90.215 (Diameter Ø215mm, 2.2m3 / h).
  • 1 Manual Screen EasyTech®Nw15, such as By-Pass, (15mm slot opening).
  • 2 maintenance walkways.
  • 3 emergency stop buttons (1 per equipment).
  • 3 push and stop buttons (1 per equipment).
  • 3 Connection boxes (1 per equipment).
  • 1 Control panel to control the 3 equipment.

The main objective of this installation was to achieve:

-Automatize the pre-treatment process of the WWTP.

-Increase retention of solids by 80%.

-Reduce maintenance costs in pumps and fine screens.

-Increase the dryness in the coarse solids.

Netwater Technology, through this complex installation, has been able to meet the needs of our customer, who has been very satisfied during all the process. Some components of the installation had to be made to specifically to this client with the measures fixed, such as (support beams for the equipment and its access to the metallic walkways).

In order to satisfy all the demands made by our client it was made a very flexible design of all its components, which allowed in 1 day and a half the conclusion of the assembly for all equipment.