Netwater Technology assisted to the presentation by “BARCELONA EXPORT”: Exporting to France?

Last 30th of November 2017, the Program Go Global and the International Business Network, held a networking journey, to analyse the business opportunities to export to the French market.

The session began with an introduction of Mr. Jaume Teodoro, general manager of TecnoCampus. Then continued with the presentation of Ms. Isabel García, consultant at Barcelona Exportes. And ended with the address of Mr. Xavier Garcia, general manager of ESLA, as a successful company that exports to France.

Netwater Technology took part in this event with the assistance of Mr. David Sánchez-Lafuente, general manager and Eva Fargas, sales assistant. The feed-back for Netwater Technology was very positive, for the interesting insights concerning the French market and its specific features. A market with 70 million consumers, which represents the 6th largest worldwide economy, with plenty of possibilities for those companies that are able to add value and improvements to their products.