Netwater Technology in the 2019 edition of Smagua

Netwater Technology visited the 24th International Water and Irrigation Exhibition Smagua 2019, which was held from 05 to 07 February, at the fairgrounds of Zaragoza.

Netwater could not miss the appointment, which is defined by the president of the fair, Manuel Teruel as the benchmark for the water sector in Spain. Many others define it as the international water reference par excellence. In one way or another, with a history of 45 years of existence, Smagua becomes an essential appointment for Netwater, for the opportunity to coincide with companies like us: companies with a marked innovative character and committed to solutions of high technological value in the world of water treatment.

During our visit to Smagua, in addition to attending different technical conferences of the twenty offered by the event, we had the opportunity to exchange information, knowledge and concerns with more than fifty professionals from among the approximately 200 exhibitors at the fair. One more step in the definitive consolidation of Netwater in the national market and one more step towards the internationalization of the company.

Netwater Technology attend the conference on behalf “Export keys for Germany”

Last 14th of March 2018, the International Business Network, held a seminar intended for exporting or potential exporting companies to the German country.

The journey was organised in collaboration with the Cambra de Comerç de Barcelona: the conference opening speech was conducted by David Anton, representative of the Cambra delegation in the Maresme. The conference was run by Josep Maria Gomes, Cambra’s expert on the German market. The general manager of Tallers Gil Bo S.A. took part as a successful example of an export company, with his experience, keys and tips required to enter the German market.

Netwater Technology participated in this event, with the assistance of David Sánchez-Lafuente, General Manager and Eva Fargas, sales assistant. The session was very interesting, with a wide range of information and with all the questions answered. The German market represents the first European economy, it has a total population of 82 million people and a per capita income of around $48.839.

Netwater Technology assisted to the presentation by “BARCELONA EXPORT”: Exporting to France?

Last 30th of November 2017, the Program Go Global and the International Business Network, held a networking journey, to analyse the business opportunities to export to the French market.

The session began with an introduction of Mr. Jaume Teodoro, general manager of TecnoCampus. Then continued with the presentation of Ms. Isabel García, consultant at Barcelona Exportes. And ended with the address of Mr. Xavier Garcia, general manager of ESLA, as a successful company that exports to France.

Netwater Technology took part in this event with the assistance of Mr. David Sánchez-Lafuente, general manager and Eva Fargas, sales assistant. The feed-back for Netwater Technology was very positive, for the interesting insights concerning the French market and its specific features. A market with 70 million consumers, which represents the 6th largest worldwide economy, with plenty of possibilities for those companies that are able to add value and improvements to their products.