Special Mention in magazine “Capgrós”

Publication made in the magazine Capgrós published on 12/5/2014

Specific content of the News:

Netwater Technology is a new company based in the TecnoCampus that is dedicated to the design and commercialization of mechanical equipment for the treatment of urban and industrial wastewater.

With a technical team with more than years of experience in the field, they are specialized in their machinery that, apart from being innovative, advanced and with great quality, it is also more efficient and reduces the electrical consumption compared to the traditional equipment offered by most of the competitors.

Due to that last points their equipment happen to be more economic and suitable for the client.

The machinery that they design and commercialize could be installed in urban treatment plants (WWTP) and they also have applications in many industrial sectors such as: textile, meat processing, or paste-paper among others.

Once passed through their initial filtration equipment, the water goes to the next process.