Netwater Technology makes the first supply of a circular basket screen with filtering mesh made by plate for “EDAR NOVES DE SEGRE” in LLEIDA, for the coarse solids roughing process

Coarse screen RevTech®Nw41 EDAR NOVES DE SEGRE (Lleida)

In the EDAR NOVES DE SEGRE our client had a manual filtering system through a manual screen in the pre-treatment channel entrance. The manual screen should be cleaned manually every day, resulting on the daily attendance of the maintenance staff, increasing the operating costs and risking of a possible channel overflow or a pouring in the safety spillway, before the screen.

Netwater Technology has made an exclusive custom design, following the client requests, with a filtering system made by curved platens and an automatic comb system. Lateral closings have been installed, allowing 250mm high registers, used as secure landfills, in case the automatic equipment stops working, the water could continue its process. That solution would allow us, to automate the filtering process, reducing maintenance costs.