[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]PHYSICAL PRE-TREATMENT

The physical pre-treatment is one of the most important processes in a WWTP due to the fact that the posterior efficiency and overall output is directly affected by this stage.

In pre-treatment we can also receive all types of oil and grease which need to be extracted and separated efficiently. If this process is not carried out correctly the grease can cause many problems in the decanters where a layer is created on the surface. This layer makes sedimentation difficult as it attracts to the surface all small particles of organic material. As for purifying active sludge it can also create a problem in the correct aeration, reducing the transfer coefficient to 55-70% as the grease increases from 0 to 70mg/l. The grease also takes part in the production of BULKING, altering the sludge digestion process, the COD increases from 20% to 30% due to the amount of grease in the waste.

It’s now very clear to understand the importance of an efficient mechanical pre-treatment and our recommendation is summed up in the following diagram.

Our main mission is to separate, by means of physical processes (endless screw grit extractor or grease concentrator), the largest amount of solid waste and residue from the wastewater, for example, oil, grease, grit, etc…) which can create the following problems in the next stage of treatment:

  • Wear and tear of equipment due to the abrasive effect of the sand/grit.
  • Caking on the anaerobic digesters because the scum has not been properly eliminated.
  • Grit accumulation at the bottom of the anaerobic digesters.
  • Less efficiency in the biological process due to excess grease particles on entrance.

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