Netwater Technology makes a new supply of mechanical equipment for the BOADILLA WWTP in MADRID; the project has been supervised by the official public organization called “CANAL DE ISABEL II”

  1. -Coarse Screen SolidTech®Nw30 to the BOADILLA WWTP (Madrid)
  2. – Our solid compacter and conveyor, CompaqTech®Nw90 to the BOADILLA WWTP (Madrid)

The latest supply of mechanical equipment for the BOADILLA WWTP in Madrid has been ordered by one of the most important constructors in the area,

For this project the public organism in charge of design of all the technical characteristics of the electromechanical equipment has been “CANAL DE ISABEL II”, known in Spain for being very strict toward every technical data.

Netwater Technology has been challenged many times during the evaluation of the Project because the  “CANAL DE ISABEL II” asked us to develop and proved the different types of calculations for each of electromechanical equipment, in order to justify the dimension of the equipment and to proved it would be able to offer the required performance.

After discussing our calculations with the initial project defined by the ISABEL II CHANNEL, they finally changed their design and accepted the modified the technical specifications of the equipment made by Netwater.