Netwater has supplied mechanical equipment for fine screening to Quetzal Container Terminal (Guatemala)


Project: Quetzal Container Terminal (GUATEMALA)

Equipment supplied: Fine screen RotaTech® Nw70

The supply of mechanical equipment to QUETZAL Container Terminal in Guatemala.

Its main purpose is fine screening. This Project harbours our rotating drum RotaTech®Nw70.

This equipment is automatic. We have integrated a series of improvements in order to reduce power consumption and we have redesigned the solids scraper system, by means of a design which allows you to regulate and guarantees optimum cleaning of the cylinder.

Our equipment, in order to fully reach health and safety standards has safety detectors incorporated in the protection lids which means our units stop instantly if the protection lids are opened. Our machinery has been designed with lifting points to enhance safety issues and offer easy manipulation on site. In order to improve the quality of our equipment we sand blast surfaces and this way we get a perfect and even finishing.