Netwater has supplied mechanical equipment for coarse screening , for the pumping station WWPS Tui in Galicia

Project: WWPS Tui in Galicia (SPAIN)

Equipment supplied: Coarse screen SolidTech® Nw30

We have supplied an automatic coarse screen SolidTech®Nw30 to TUI WWPS in Galicia with a slot of 30mm to treat a flow of 450m3/h. This equipment is intended for coarse screening and our new design has included a series of important improvements; the filtering grid which has a curved shape and therefore avoids solids to accumulate and its modular design means it can easily be removed when maintenance is required.

Our client is one of the most important construction companies in Spain, with local offices in Uruguay and for this project it was of utmost importance to manufacture this equipment in a very short period of time in order to meet with our client’s deadline.

So thanks to the great effort put in by all our staff and partners, we have been able to hand over the machinery in 4 weeks, as agreed.