Netwater has launched its web page for use with mobile devices

Here at Netwater Technology we are aware of the importance of having a website that meets the necessary requirements of our clients and collaborators so we have launched our new bright, clear and concise corporative web highlighting our corporate colours and which is adapted to mobile usage. Our clients are, at all times, not only able to contact us quickly, but also have easy and fast access to all the necessary technological information and updates about Netwater and all our services and products available regarding the water treatment sector.


Our product areas and activities are as follows:

–      Urban water:

–       Processes in a WWTP (mechanical or physical pre-treatment).

  • Industrial water sector:


  • Textile, tanneries, meat processing, pasta & paper, food & canning.


Nowadays with an increased use of mobile devices, smart phones and tablets our responsive web page fits in and adapts perfectly to these new technologies, offering instant access and all relevant information at your fingertips.

Client interaction for us is of utmost importance and is enhanced by direct linking, at the touch of a button, to social networking websites, e-mail addresses and RSS subscriptions in order to share news and all types of product information.

Here at Netwater we are committed to new technologies and to customer care and that’s why it’s so important for us to understand how new technologies can help us to anticipate and to cover our clients’ needs on all levels and by unifying communications and hence enabling us to tailor business processes to best serve customers.