Project information

Country: Spain
Town: Benidorm
Year: 2016
Flow: 1094m3 / h
Equipment: WeirTech®Nw57

NETWATER has delivered a new supply of mechanical equipment for the BENIDORM WWTP in Alicante.

Our client is one of the most important operating companies in the field of Waste Water Treatment Plants in Spain. In this case, a very important improvement has been made in order to accomplish with the new European regulations for raw water discharges.

We have supplied 2 of our radial weir screens, the WeirTech®Nw57 with a 6mm limited mesh.

Designed to be able to treat a flow of 1094.2m3 / h per equipment, which were installed in the waterhole just where they raw water was discharged before in case of rain into the sea Benidorm.

Its main functionality is to retain the fine solids that are returned to the waterhole, to be extracted by the bivalve spoon or by the pretreatment channels.