Netwater has supplied mechanical equipment for fine screening to Quetzal Container Terminal (Guatemala)


Project: Quetzal Container Terminal (GUATEMALA)

Equipment supplied: Fine screen RotaTech® Nw70

The supply of mechanical equipment to QUETZAL Container Terminal in Guatemala.

Its main purpose is fine screening. This Project harbours our rotating drum RotaTech®Nw70.

This equipment is automatic. We have integrated a series of improvements in order to reduce power consumption and we have redesigned the solids scraper system, by means of a design which allows you to regulate and guarantees optimum cleaning of the cylinder.

Our equipment, in order to fully reach health and safety standards has safety detectors incorporated in the protection lids which means our units stop instantly if the protection lids are opened. Our machinery has been designed with lifting points to enhance safety issues and offer easy manipulation on site. In order to improve the quality of our equipment we sand blast surfaces and this way we get a perfect and even finishing.

Optimized designs (Low maintenance & Energy cost)

As a new company Netwater Technology we focus our efforts in innovations and new progress in our field of actions.

Our R & D department is constantly developing new possible designs of the conventional machines offered in the market for wastewater treatment since many years back.

We are proposing to make more optimized designs in terms of minimizing the energy consumption level and achieving the lowest carbon footprint possible simultaneously.

Thanks to that last points we reduce the maintenance costs of our machines and we are also able to improve other aspects such as:

Prolonging the useful life of components and the reduction of the labour costs

In order to improve all these traditional problems we have provided greater resources to our R & D department with state-of-the-art software, something essential to be able to make a difference to our competitors.

Netwater has launched its web page for use with mobile devices

Here at Netwater Technology we are aware of the importance of having a website that meets the necessary requirements of our clients and collaborators so we have launched our new bright, clear and concise corporative web highlighting our corporate colours and which is adapted to mobile usage. Our clients are, at all times, not only able to contact us quickly, but also have easy and fast access to all the necessary technological information and updates about Netwater and all our services and products available regarding the water treatment sector.


Our product areas and activities are as follows:

–      Urban water:

–       Processes in a WWTP (mechanical or physical pre-treatment).

  • Industrial water sector:


  • Textile, tanneries, meat processing, pasta & paper, food & canning.


Nowadays with an increased use of mobile devices, smart phones and tablets our responsive web page fits in and adapts perfectly to these new technologies, offering instant access and all relevant information at your fingertips.

Client interaction for us is of utmost importance and is enhanced by direct linking, at the touch of a button, to social networking websites, e-mail addresses and RSS subscriptions in order to share news and all types of product information.

Here at Netwater we are committed to new technologies and to customer care and that’s why it’s so important for us to understand how new technologies can help us to anticipate and to cover our clients’ needs on all levels and by unifying communications and hence enabling us to tailor business processes to best serve customers.

Netwater Technology assists as a visitor to the exhibit EQUIPLAST 2014


The International Plastics and Rubber Event.

Netwater Technology has attended to the EQUIPLAST 2014 fair, one of the most important national fairs in the plastic and rubber sector.

The objective of our visit has been to investigate new plastics and rubbers, which have a greater mechanical resistance, abrasion resistance that can produce the chemicals contained in the wastewater than the current plastics.

This way we try to achieve a permanent INNOVATION in our products in order to offer a high quality product.

As a consequence we are able to deliver the best product to our customers because we are fully committed to continuous research.

Special Mention in magazine “Capgrós”

Publication made in the magazine Capgrós published on 12/5/2014

Specific content of the News:

Netwater Technology is a new company based in the TecnoCampus that is dedicated to the design and commercialization of mechanical equipment for the treatment of urban and industrial wastewater.

With a technical team with more than years of experience in the field, they are specialized in their machinery that, apart from being innovative, advanced and with great quality, it is also more efficient and reduces the electrical consumption compared to the traditional equipment offered by most of the competitors.

Due to that last points their equipment happen to be more economic and suitable for the client.

The machinery that they design and commercialize could be installed in urban treatment plants (WWTP) and they also have applications in many industrial sectors such as: textile, meat processing, or paste-paper among others.

Once passed through their initial filtration equipment, the water goes to the next process.